Crib-Free, LLC

Crib-Free™ is the first two –step training program that will solve horse cribbing problems, also known as “windsucking” in some locales. It is unlike any product on the market in that it addresses and corrects the behavioral causes of horse cribbing without the use of anti cribbing devices/method on your horse. Crib-Free is a two step training program, 1st step breaks the habit and the 2nd step solve the behavior issue.


The Crib-Free training program can be found at on Mikes Horsemanship Members Page. All the video's are in full with step by step easy to follow methods. Along with solving horse cribbing Mike also has 250 other video's on solving behavior issues, starting the unbroke horse under saddle, horsemanship, performance, solving other stall vices such as weaving, stall walking and much more for only $12.95 per month. When you do Subscribe be sure to join Mike's group page on facebook and post your videos, pictures, and ask questions so Mike can help you more. Click on the Order today buttpm and subscribe to get started with solving horse cribbing behavior issues and so much more.

 Solving Horse Cribbing Behavior and Testimonies