Crib-Free, LLC (Horse cribbing)

Mike's Horse Training Method

   In working with horses that have behavior issues Mike's method has always been peeling back the layers, listening to the horse and finding the root cause of the issue. From there Mike designs exercises to help the horses over come their problems on the ground and under saddle. By putting steps in the training program the horse can understand the horses builds trust, confidence, and bond with the owner and Mike. When it comes to starting the unbroke horse under saddle, performance, horsemanship and solving stall vices Mike puts as many steps in the horses training program so it makes it easy for the horse to understand what Mike is teaching them.

   Then came the ultimate test in 2008 when Mike decided He was going to solve horse cribbing, weaving, stall walking and other stall vices using the same method he has always used in training horses. Two years later Mike released the Crib-Free training program that solves horse cribbing with out anti-cribbing devices and not only by Mike but people from all over the world have used Mike's program and successfully have solved the cribbing problem along with other stall vices in their horses.